The Units

This News Literacy "Lite" Course is broken into 3 units, which cover the following:

Use the links below to jump straight to that section, or you may follow the progression from start to finish  

Unit 1: What is News Literacy, and Why does it matter?

  • This Unit gives an overview of what News Literacy is, and its importance in today’s society. This unit covers the first 5 lessons of the News Literacy course.

Unit 2: How is News Constructed?

  • This unit gives the basics of how the News is put together, and provides context for analysis of the news. This unit covers 3 lessons of the News Literacy course.

Unit 3: Analyzing the News

  • This unit takes students through the process of analyzing the news and putting previous lessons into practice. This unit covers the final 6 lessons, and has you put the previous lessons into practice.


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