GetNewsSmart Course


This course "Book" includes all materials created as part of the News Literacy "Lite" basics course, which is provided as a primer for new participants in a News Literacy training workshop, which is used to give a "jump-start" to participants.

The material herein, while not comprehensive, should give readers a basic understanding of the course concepts and major lessons points.

If you are reading this material as part of an online course hosted on the News Literacy Digital Resource Center, you will be prompted to complete a set of course Quizzes and ultimatley, share a collection of locally-sourced materials that demonstrate a course concept. 

The Entire book should take you no longer than 3 hours to complete. 

Use the "Contact Us" link to send feedback on this book and the course. 


Introduction Contents

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This course will help learners improve their critical thinking skills to Take My Class Online better identify reliable information in news reports and gain better information about the world we live in.

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