Is it VIAble?

Now, let's test out the VIAbility of a few different pieces of media. 

Remember again, that for a piece of information to be news, it needs to have VIA:

  • Subject to a journalistic process of VERIFICATION
  • ...for which an INDEPENDENT individual or organization 
  • directly ACCOUNTABLE 

Ok, let's start...

Example 1 - Is Your Child Constantly Sick?

Assess the VIAbility of this story:

After watching this video, ask yourself:

  • How are the claims made in the story verified?
  • Is the outlet presenting this story independent? How so?
  • Is that outlet accountable for the information presented here? How could you hold them accountable?

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Example 2 - The Atlantic & the Church of Scientology

Assess the VIAbility of this piece of content. 

The Atlantic 14 January 2013 - David Miscavige Leads Scientology to Milestone Year by Louanne Lee

After reading, ask yourself: 

  • Is it evident that the claims made here have attempted to be verified?
  • Is the outlet an independent one?
  • Is the outlet accountable for the information made in this piece? How do you know?

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