CNL News Lessons

Title Course Section(s) Key Concept(s)
Differing Perceptions of What is News in China and Hong Kong 04 - What is News and Who Decides? Independence, Information Neighborhoods, Verification
Deconstructing Social Media during Occupy Central 09 - Deconstructing News Media Accountability, V. I. A., Verification
Evaluating Sources using IMVAIN with the Middle Schoolers at New York’s IS303 08 - Evaluating Sources Source Evaluation
Cognitive Dissonance Amidst Egypt's Turmoil 07 - Truth and Verification, 08 - Evaluating Sources Cognitive Dissonance
The Power of Images -- A Primer Accountability, Power of Images, Source Evaluation, Truth, V. I. A.
A Reflective Look at Past News for Greater Clarity with Retro Report
NBC News producer on "unverifying" accepted facts
Online Course -- Lesson 1: What is News Literacy and Why Does it Matter?
Creating Customized Lessons around NL Material - Audience Bias
News Deconstruction Models from our Teacher Partners!