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The Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong brings a professional journalism education to Hong Kong’s premier university, creating an environment for vibrant interaction among students from Hong Kong, mainland China, Asia and the rest of the world. (From the JMSC-HKU Website)

The Center for News Literacy’s most advanced overseas partnership is with the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning. Overseas Partnership Program Director Richard Hornik spent the fall of 2012 as a visiting lecturer there and used the Stony Brook news literacy curriculum to teach the JMSC’s Principles of Journalism introductory course to 126 students. That experience helped demonstrate that the most fundamental concepts of the Stony Brook model could be adapted to different cultures and academic environments.

JMSC Asst Professor Dr. Masato Kajimoto has become a leading proponent of the Stony Brook model in Asia. He continues to use news literacy as the basis of the Principles of Journalism course, attracting over 200 students a year. His colleague, Lecturer Anne Kruger, took over teaching the course in the fall of 2014. Dr. Kajimoto is directing new initiatives to spread the curriculum to other educational institutions in Hong Kong and beyond and is in the process of launching an Asia Pacific Digital Citizens Project and offering  an online version of the course on edX under the title Making Sense of News (

The Center is honored to extend the partnership of learning with JMSC here on the Digital Resource Center through the sharing of the following materials and educational media packages linked to News Literacy Course Concepts.

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