Cable TV News: An Opinion Niche?

On TV, the quarantine is not so carefully observed.

In fact, murky labeling can become controversial. Here’s the Daily Show taking on Fox News’ labeling of what is news, and what is not.

What happens when the lines blur?

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

We could argue about whether Fox is more conservative than MSNBC is liberal. Whether you like Fox or not, the point is that Cable TV may have brought back the era of the partisan niche product.

Hamilton started the New York Post to attack Jefferson.

Jefferson paid a journalist (James Callendar) to write that his opponent was a mentally unbalanced hermaphrodite.

Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch launched Fox News in 1996, hiring a former Reagan Whitehouse Official, Roger Ailes to run it. Now Fox generates a daily stream of conservative commentary.

MSNBC, a spin-off of NBC spawned by a partnership with Microsoft, now sounds familiar to the Democratic Party’s talking points.

They're on both sides, and have driven a deep divide when it comes to partisian arguments on the issues of the day -- but could there be some value in this?