Summing Up Lessons 2 & 3

Here's a quick summary of what we learned from lessons 2 & 3:

Lesson 2: 

  • There is a universal need to share and receive information.
  • In the case of News, we say that it's in our D.N.A.
    • We look to news to alert us, divert us, and connect us. 

Lesson 3:

  • Information comes from many different sources and outlets, and have different goals. It's important for the consumer of this information know what "Neighbohood" that information comes from. 
    • Our taxonomy of information neighborhoods lays out the goals and the methods of each
  • News is information of some public interest that is shared and subject to a journalistic process of VERIFICATION, for which an INDEPENDENT individual or organization is directly ACCOUNTABLE. 
    • This is noted in the acronym VIA. 
  • Using VIA, one can analyze the VIAbility of a piece of information.