Unit 3 - Analyzing the News

This unit takes participants through the process of analyzing the news and putting the previous lessons into practice. The unit includes 3 lessons. 

Lesson 8 - Evaluating Sources

By looking at various pieces of news coverage how it relates to themes in the lecture, students learn to ask what makes some news sources reliable and others less reliable? What standards should news consumers use to weigh the credibility of sources quoted in news reports? Definitions of self-interest, independence and authority are explored.  

Lesson 9 - Analyzing and Deconstructing the News

This key lesson examines how to “deconstruct” news stories from different outlets, including print, TV, and online to judge their credibility and reliability by asking a series of key questions. The class reprises previous classes on evidence, sourcing, and fairness, but also explores context, transparency and thoroughness. The lesson concludes with a look at the new opportunities—and responsibilities—for news consumers to not only find news, but to participate as “citizen journalists” in news production in the digital age. 

Lesson 10 - Challenges and Opportunities in the New Landscape

This lesson looks at the new opportunities—and responsibilities—for news consumers in the digital age, given the growing proliferation of viral news, e-mail and “citizen journalism.” 


Unit 3 Contents